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Meet the  Team : 

Tom Sweetnam

Co - Founder & CEO

Tom is a final year student studying for a Marketing Management degree at Exeter University. He started Kit 4 Kenya at the age of 17 and runs the charity alongside his studies. Tom is a sports fanatic who loves both playing and watching sports. As a life long Arsenal fan, when Kit 4 Kenya got the opportunity to work with a one of the largest clubs in world football it was a huge personal achievement as well as being a huge step in the success of the charity.

The highlight and certainly most rewarding part of his work has been the incredible reaction of the underprivileged Kenyan children and communities in Kenya receiving the football kit.


Guy Gowar

Head of Ambassadors

Guy is a first year student at Exeter University.

Having grown up in Kenya and still living there, Guy has a deep connection to the country and has witnessed the inequality first hand.

Guy joined Kit4kenya in 2022 as a student ambassador, and his passion and dedication to help grow the charity was evident . Now, as the Head of Ambassadors, Guy plays a vital role in helping run the scheme and expanding its reach across the UK.

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2023 Student Ambassadors:

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